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4 New Mushroom Coffee Superfood Blends from Organic Traditions

by Vickie Chin on Aug 09, 2022

How do you supercharge your morning coffee ritual? 

You elevate your coffee with Organic Tradition's new line of Mushroom Coffee blends, packed with antioxidant rich and adaptogenic mushrooms and ingredients your body will love. 

What are the Mushroom coffee benefits?

  • Supports brain function
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Provides your body with the necessary antioxidants 
  • Supports your body's response to inflammation 
  • Could help you destress and support a health mind
  • and something we all need more of, a healthier gut

Focus Fuel Coffee (bestseller)

Focus Fuel Mushroom Coffee

Elevate your focus, improve your memory and increase your creativity with our beneficial Focus Fuel Mushroom coffee blend. 

Nourish your brain with adaptogenic lion's mane, Brahmi and Gotu kola and high-quality fats from C8 MTCs and plant-based omega 3 rich Ahiflower* seed oil.

One cup of Focus Fuel Mushroom coffee blend contains 95 mg of caffeine from organic freeze-dried coffee. No more foggy days.

With Focus Fuel Mushroom coffee benefits, rich with organic natural ingredients, you will make you enjoy peak mental performance throughout the day. 

Made with a creamy coconut milk powder base and delicately sweetened with coconut palm sugar, add water and elevate your wellness routine easily.

I've tried other mushroom coffees to help me focus before but I've never felt like they've worked, but I tried this one and it has changed my mornings for the better!!!!!! I'm spacey and very easily distracted, and regular coffee gives me bad anxiety, but the balance that I get from this coffee is so nice, and it puts me in such a good mindset for when I have stuff to do! It tastes amazing and I've already got a bunch of my friends on it as well 😂 its my new morning staple 💕☕️ 

    • From Kat M (real user)

      Mocha Mushroom Coffee (new)

      Treat yourself with Organic Traditions Mocha, 5 Mushroom coffee blend. 

      Organic 5 mushroom coffee blend

      This new superfood blend helps support your immune system with such benefits of coffee with Mushroom, like delicious blend of magnesium-rich cacao and five strengthening and balancing organic mushrooms. 

      One cup of Mocha Mushroom contains 80mg of caffeine from organic freeze-dried coffee. Delicately sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar and xylitol, a natural sweetener

      Best of all, it's easy to use.

      1. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of our blend of Mocha Mushroom Coffee 
      2. Mix, whisk, or blend your milk of choice and enjoy!

      Dirty Chai (New)

      Spice up your day with Organic Traditions Dirty Chai, 5 Mushroom coffee blend. 

      Dirty Chai Coffee Mushroom Blend

      Just like our other beneficial coffee blends with mushroom, the Dirty Chai blend helps support your immune system, but with a warming blend of aromatic cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger paired with five strengthening and energizing, adaptogenic mushrooms. 

      One cup contains 105mg of caffeine from organic freeze-dried coffee and organic black tea. 

      Carefully sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar and xylitol, a natural sweetener. Just mix, whisk or blend with your go-to milk and enjoy!

      Endurance Fuel Coffee Blend

      Level up your energy with our new Endurance Fuel Organic Instant Coffee blend.

      Endurance Organic Traditions Coffee Blend Instant

      For those looking for a higher caffeine level, kick-start your morning, fuel your workout or power through your busy day with Organic Traditions Endurance Fuel, Instant Mushroom Coffee.

      This unique superfood blend will help support your energy and endurance with enhancing cordyceps, energy supporting ashwagandha extract, and balancing maca.

      One cup of Endurance Fuel contains 135mg of caffeine from organic freeze-dried coffee. Add water and reach your peak performance with a creamy coconut milk powder base .

      What does mushroom coffee taste like?

      No, our coffee with mushroom doesn't taste like a warm cup of portabella mushroom soup; rather, it's very similar to your regular coffee but with a tasty kick. Enjoy the benefits of the best adaptogenic mushroom coffee in a variety of flavours, designed to meet your goals.

      a man enjoying mushroom coffee

      Is Mushroom Coffee Right For You?

      Blends of coffee of Mushroom are great for people who are after peak performance (mental focus and energy) in a sustained way but don't want the crash that comes with drinking coffee regularly.

      Customers rave that our blends bring them such benefits, like focus and fuel throughout their day, and they don't experience the overstimulation they experience with normal coffee. 

      Coffee Mushroom vs regular coffee

      What is coffee mushroom?

      Whether you were sick of the jitters from your Nespresso or wish your Starbucks coffee didn’t taste so burnt, coffee mushroom blends promise you benefits of energy and focus in a manner that is just right. On average, coffee mushroom blends have 75% less caffeine per cup. For example, a Starbucks blonde Roast, 16oz Grande has 360mg of caffeine.

      Mushroom coffees like Organic Traditions leans on ayurvedic herbs, adaptogens, and organic cacao give you natural energy, focus, and immune support without having to worry about jitters or sleeping at night.

      The 5 Main Mushroom Ingredients found in Organic Traditions Mushroom Coffee Blends:

      Lion’s Mane Mushroom

      Lions Mane Mushroom

      Named after its shaggy appearance, lion’s mane has been used medicinally since ancient times. A number of studies strongly suggest that the fungus may strengthen our immune systems, reduce inflammation, and even alleviate anxiety and depression.

      Chaga Mushroom

      Chaga mushroomChaga mushroom, another fungus with health benefits including anti-inflammation and a boost to the immune system.

      Reishi Mushroom

      Reishi Mushroom

      Mainly found in Asia, Reishi mushroom usage can be traced back hundreds of years in Eastern medicine. Preliminary studies have shown that Reishi could increase energy while lessening depression and anxiety symptoms. It’s also used to control blood sugar and improve overall immune health.

      Cordyceps Mushroom

      Cordyceps Mushroom

      Although it’s a gross, parasitic fungus, cordyceps has some extremely promising potential health benefits — all backed by lab studies and animal research. It has been shown to boost exercise performance, sex drive, mental energy, and heart health, all while reducing signs of age.

      Turkey Tail Mushroom

      Turkey Tail Mushroom

      This immune-boosting mushroom has many benefits. It is packed with Antioxidants from a wide variety of phenol and flavonoid. These antioxidants are known to help promote your immune system health by reducing inflammation. Turkey Tail mushrooms may also improve immune function in people with certain cancers.

      What is the best mushroom coffee to try for the first time?

      Any one of our four featured Mushroom Coffees Blends has great benefits, and is a good place to start. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, we recommend our Focus Fuel or our best Mocha Mushroom coffee as they have lower caffeine levels.

      The Focus Fuel Mushroom Coffee at the time of writing is our most popular coffee mushroom blend as well as one of the top sellers across all of our products.