2019, A Year In Review
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2019, A Year In Review

by Vickie Chin on Dec 19, 2019

What a year it’s been! 

As 2019 (and this decade!) comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to reflect on what was an amazing year. In 2019 we brought you a handful of new superfoods and superfood blends, plus we brought you a new version of the beloved #12daysofOT and for the first time ever, launched limited edition latte flavours! 

In case you missed it, here’s what our year looked like...

We officially introduced not one, not two, but THREE new flavours to our instant probiotic latte family!

Chocolate with Ashwagandha

Beet with Fermented Beet

Yerba Mate Mint Latte with Matcha!

These new flavours joined our Turmeric with Saffron and Matcha Latte with Probiotics. Each latte contains a host of their own vitamins, minerals and benefits but they all have one thing in common: 1 BILLION probiotics per serving. Curious about our probiotics? Check out our blog post all about our favourite heat stable and shelf stable strand!

Can't pick a favourite? Check out our Latte Bundle!

Check out all five of our instant probiotic latte flavours here! 


 In Case You Missed These Superfood Launches...

Flaxseed Cooking Oil.

Unlike most other flaxseed oils out there, our flaxseed cooking oil is specially made for, you guessed it, cooking! Typically flaxseed oils shouldn’t be heated to high temperatures and should stick to being the base for salad dressings and cold dishes. Although this is a great way to up your omega-3 intake, we thought it would be even better if you could get these benefits while cooking! Our flaxseed cooking oil is the perfect plant based option for boosting your omega-3s while baking, sauteeing, roasting and more. Check out these recipes using our flaxseed cooking oil by our #otlifestylers!


Roasted Baru Seeds

These nutrient dense seeds might taste like a peanut and an almond have a love child but fear not, they’re 100% nut free! When ground into a paste with some of our coconut oil and yacon syrup, these school safe seeds turn into a delicious butter that can be used in any recipe in place of any other nut or seed butter. Check out our full blog post to get the low-down on our Roasted Baru Seeds and if you’ve gotten your hands on a bag, check out these awesome recipes made by some of our #otlifestylers:

We also launched two holiday inspired instant latte mixes just in time for the holidays: Holiday Spice and Mint Chocolate. Made with our beloved coconut milk powder base - all you have to do to enjoy a little cup of the holidays is add hot water! 

Sip your way to and through the holidays with our Holiday Spice Latte - a delicious blend of aromatic holiday inspired spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. We’ve been told it tastes like Christmas in a cup! Lightly sweet and slightly savoury, we were inspired by the beloved eggnog when we created this instant mix. 

Our Mint Chocolate Latte will get you into the holiday spirit, but can definitely be enjoyed all year round. We like to think of it as a decadent and dark hot chocolate with a hint of mint, so if you’re weary of this polarizing duo, don’t be! We’ve converted even those who were previously convinced that mint and chocolate was not a combo for them.

For the second year in a row we brought you a healthy alternative to the traditional advent calendar. Last year we debuted our 12 Days of Superfoods, giving you 12 unique nutrient dense superfoods to enjoy over the holiday season. This year, we brought you the 12 Days of Superfood Teas and Lattes! Our 12 Days of Superfood Teas and Lattes features 8 of our instant latte blends and 4 of our superfood teas. Our #12daysofOT also includes a educational and inspirational booklet detailing how to brew or mix the perfect cup plus some fun ideas for what else you can do with these drink mixes. If you’re still on the hunt for hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and gifts for family and friends, check out our limited edition holiday box and get yours before it’s too late!

We’ve also been so lucky to have such amazing #otlifestylers who keep whipping up the best #otcreations. Check out some of our most loved recipes from 2019 below! 








Here were your favourite blog posts from this year!


We can’t stop, won’t stop reminding you that our instant lattes are more than just lattes. Spice up your smoothie, add them to your overnight oats, chia pudding baked goods and more. Out of ideas? We’ve got you covered. Another first for us this year was the launch of our free holiday e-book! We created 8 recipes using our limited edition holiday lattes to show you the versatility of these decadent blends. Missed the announcement?


Thanks for helping us make 2019 our best year yet! We can't wait to share what we have planned for you in 2020. If there's a topic you'd like us to discuss or a superfood you're dying to try in a recipe - let us know in the comments below. From the entire Organic Traditions Family, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday and new year!