Take Control Of Your Reproductive Health With This Superherb!
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Take Control Of Your Reproductive Health With This Superherb!

by Vickie Chin on Aug 12, 2019

Superfood Spotlight: Shatavari 

As adoptogenic herbs continue to gain momentum and popularity here in the West, they’re nothing new to our neighbours in the East. Having used adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Kapikacchu in day to day life for centuries, these powerful herbs and roots are only just being recognized for their healing potential. 

As more of us turn away from conventional/synthetic supplements and medication we are beginning to discover and learn more about natural remedies that other people and cultures have been utilizing for years. One of these natural remedies is Shatavari.

What Is Shatavari?

Shatavari is considered to be one of the most highly regarded rejuvenating herbs, one that is said to benefit women specifically. Fun fact: Shatavari in Sanskrit translates to “she who possesses a hundred husbands.” This translation is pretty bang on as it describes the importance of shatavari for female vitality. 

Shatavari is known for its ability to support all things regarding female health through every stage of life. This includes reducing the symptoms of PMS to symptoms of menopause, aiding in the path towards conception and postpartum disease and even regulating hormonal imbalances and other hormonal issues. Adaptogens themselves are known for their ability to help the body restore balance and achieve homeostasis, and shatavari definitely falls within this category. 

People, and women especially, go through many stages during their lives, and each stage comes with many changes both internally and externally. Shatavari is an herb that can help throughout every single one of these stages. Similar to may other adaptogens, shatavari aids in fighting off the negative effects of stress, however at the same time shatavari in women can help with:

  1. Controlling estrogen production
  2. Regulating periods
  3. Supporting the production of the luteinizing hormone (LH)
  4. Increasing the production of breast milk in mothers
  5. Fighting fatigue 
  6. Reducing hot flashes, night sweats and brain fog
  7. Boosting fertility
  8. Increasing libido
  9. Overall reproductive health

BUT, it’s not just for women - although it appears that many of the benefits of shatavari seem to be geared towards women, men can benefit from it too!

In men, shatavari can:

  1. Increase sexual potency
  2. Improve sexual vitality
  3. Improve sexual dysfunctions
  4. Strengthen the sexual organs 
  5. Reduce inflammation in the reproductive system
  6. Increase testosterone
  7. Improve libido
  8. Help with impotence 
  9. Act as a natural aphrodisiac 

Reproductive health aside...

Shatavari is a natural stress reducer and works to calm nerves while protecting you from the negative effects of stress. It’s cooling effect can also help in lowering fevers and reducing inflammation. It contains powerful antioxidant properties, specifically saponins. Saponins are phytochemicals that are only found in plants and contain natural antibacterial properties. They are known for their ability to combat oxidative stress while reducing cholesterol and harmful bacteria.

Other benefits of shatavari:

  1. It’s a natural diuretic, often prescribed to people with congestive heart failure
  2. It may help in treating ulcers and kidney stones
  3. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  4. It is used in ayurveda to treat depression 
  5. It combats heartburn and upset stomachs 

How to take Shatavari:

Shatavari is described as being sweet and bitter in taste. As with many other herbs, some may find the taste unpleasant, turning to capsules as a method of ingesting the herb. Although you may still reap some of the benefits of this wonderful herb, we recommend taking it in its powdered form. 


Did you know that digestion begins in the mouth? Tasting your food is the first signal that your body gets that lets it know it’s time to work. This is why adaptogens are traditionally ingested via some type of elixir, most often with a glass of warm milk or water. Milk is more often used because it contains healthy fats and acts as a carrier for the beneficial properties found in adaptogens. Try mixing a tsp of shatavari into a glass of warm coconut milk with some honey or yacon syrup to sweeten it! 

Like most other herbs, you can also incorporate them into elixirs, smoothies, raw desserts and more. Check out this unreal recipe for hormone balancing coconut butterscotch chocolate bars by one of our #otlifestylers, @plentyfullme!

Interested in learning more about a specific superfood? Let us know which ones in the comments below!