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How To Get Rid of Coffee Jitters

by Vickie Chin on Aug 17, 2021

We’ve all been there – your alarm goes off, you open your eyes and your inner voice screams “COFFEE! NOW!”. You’re one hour post coffee and the anxiety started to set in which often comes with caffeine jitters. It seems like a constant catch-22. The good news? We’ve got you covered! Here are some tips to get rid of coffee jitters + a recipe for a tasty and energizing coffee alternative!

In order to know what we need to change we need to start at the very beginning. Ever wondered how coffee even works? Just as a whole? Us too, so here it is: When our bodies are using a lot of energy it produces a hormone called adenosine, which is what helps us feel tired and know when to rest. When you consume coffee, the caffeine binds itself to the adenosine receptors and masks that feeling of being tired, making us feel invincible and ready to conquer the world…. for a few hours. Caffeine masks that tired feeling for roughly 6 hours, but once it’s done, your blood pressure and heart rate both start to drop, leaving you with that caffeine “crash”. Hard.

Next, let’s talk breakfast. Raise your hand if more often than not, your breakfast is just a cup of coffee on the go. (Raises our hand) Well, as much as it's quick and easy and seems like the perfect way to start your day, you’re actually setting yourself up for a MAJOR crash in just a few short hours. Caffeine is absorbed much faster when you're downing it on an empty stomach and will not so sneakily sneak up on you. In fact, most people don’t know that the best time to have a coffee isn’t when you first wake up but is instead when you’ve started to hit that mid-day slump. Here’s why: Naturally, your body produces high levels of a hormone called cortisol in the mornings. Cortisol is what helps your body regulate blood sugar, fight infections and respond to stress. All of these things help you to wake up and get moving. So, when you add caffeine on top of that natural rush, you are sending your body into overdrive, doubling the cortisol and caffeine, causing caffeine jitters, and setting yourself up for a major crash later on.

Now, you might be asking what am I supposed to replace it with to avoid getting jittery after coffee?! Fear not! There is a solution: HERBAL COFFEE. Packed with tons of antioxidants and other amazing things for gut health, herbal coffee is an ideal replacement for all your morning drink fixes without those annoying jitters from coffee. It has zero caffeine, adding no additional spike to your cortisol. Instead, herbal coffee works naturally with the increase and decrease of this hormone within our bodies, working to prevent the onset of coffee jitters. On top of this, the cinnamon component helps to stabilize blood sugar levels helping to prevent an energy crash mid-day. For an extra boost, add grass fed butter or a quality fat source to the mix! It gives your body additional nutrients and healthy fats you need to thrive, keeping you full longer, get rid of coffee jitters, and a more sustained energy flow.

Now for the fun stuff, here’s how to make this herbal coffee blend to stop the jitters from coffee!


2 tsp of chaga powder  

2 tsp of our Maca (check out these three incredible options!) 

1 tbsp of dandelion root powder 

1 tsp of our Ceylon Cinnamon Powder 

1 tsp of our Cacao Powder  

2 tsp of our Raw Coconut Oil   

Makes two 6 oz servings  

  1. Put water in a pot  
  2. Add your chaga, maca, dandelion root, cinnamon, and cacao to water  
  3. Simmer for at least 15 minutes  
  4. Before serving, feel free to add coconut oil or butter! 
  5. Drink as is or add your favourite milk or alternative 
  6. ENJOY it without the caffeine jitters

Now, we get it. It’s a huge step. We’ve suggested letting go of something that essentially keeps your world turning and your body functioning. Kind of important. So, if you aren't ready to give it up just yet, our Focus Fuel Coffee is another great alternative! Being a blend of organic coffee, lion’s mane extract, keto c8 powder, brain boosting adaptogens, and cinnamon extract, you’re giving your body all it needs and MORE to conquer the toughest of days. The keto c8 powder helps to slow down the energy release of the caffeine and instead gives you a steady stream of energy while the lion’s mane and adaptogens help to nourish your brain. Cool right? You’re still getting a boost of energy with these mushroom coffees but instead of being all at once, it’s a nice slow and steady pace that’ll last longer and prevents getting jittery after coffee. Plus, you're nurturing your brain at the same time, what else could you possibly need?!