DIY Coconut Pomegranate Lip Balm
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DIY Coconut Pomegranate Lip Balm

by Alexandra Mamalider on Jul 01, 2018


Do you ever find yourself applying lip balm, only to feel your lips chapped again shortly after? I don't think we're alone in saying that we find ourselves re-applying lip chap like a never ending cycle. No matter how much we put on, the dry cracks keep coming back. Did you know that many lip products contain allergens AND irritants that make chapped lips even worse than before? Our solution: All natural, homemade organic lip balm!

Drug store lip balms often contain additives that promote even MORE dryness and can even cause them to crack and peel. Packed with artificial colours, fillers, fragrances and additives, we think that the only solution is to keep piling it on. Don't you think maybe if it fulfilled the task we bought it to do, we wouldn't have to do this? We think so. 

Unlike over the counter beauty products, DIY beauty care products often contain only a handful of ingredients, all of which you can most likely pronounce! Since you're in control of what's going into them, they don't contain harmful chemicals and are even often safe to ingest. Have you ever wondered what you're actually eating when you taste that cherry chapstick? Definitely not organic cherries, that's for sure. A lot of people make their own deoderants and face masks, but have you ever made your own lip balm?!

We've teamed up with Ashley Noel of The Florestic (@theflorestic) to create an all natural lip balm using Organic Traditions superfoods. Ashley Noel used our Cacao ButterCoconut Oil and dried Pomegranate plus a couple other natural ingredients to make these organic coconut pomegranate lip balms. Compared to the 19 ingredients we counted in other popular drug store lip balms, this natural DIY recipe contains only six!

There's a satisfation that you get from cooking your own meals, knowing what's going into it and where it's coming from. We get this same feeling from making our own natural beauty products. Try out the full recipe here!