2020: A Year In Review
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2020: A Year In Review

by Vickie Chin on Dec 22, 2020

What a year it’s been! There were a lot of firsts for everyone this year, both good and bad. While most people are definitely feeling relieved that this year is coming to an end - we still can’t help but look back and be grateful for all that we’ve accomplished, from new product launches to events (irl and virtual!), reconnecting with old friends and welcoming new #otlifestylers to the Organic Traditions family - it’s been a year of growth in so many ways. Here’s what our 2020 looked like:

We Welcomed These Superfoods To Our Family:

organic traditions focus fuel coffeeorganic traditions whole psyllium flakes organic traditions cashew milk powder

Focus Fuel Coffee:

In February we launched our Focus Fuel Coffee, a functional coffee blend with organic instant coffee, lion’s mane mushroom extract, c8 mct powder, brahmi and gotu kola extracts and plant based omega-3’s. Rightfully named Focus Fuel for its ability to help increase focus, improve memory, boost creativity and give you a bit of extra pep in your step. You can read more about it here!

Psyllium Flakes:

We know fiber isn’t sexy but do you know what’s even less sexy? Constipation. All jokes aside, psyllium flakes are a great way to improve digestion and add extra fiber to your diet. It’s a prebiotic that helps to feed your gut beneficial bacteria to help promote the growth of probiotics and it’s a great hack for keto and gluten free baking because it acts similarly to gluten in baked good recipes. Check out our keto flatbread and keto buns recipe!

Cashew Milk Powder:

Who has time to make fresh plant mylk? All it takes is 1.5 tbsp of our cashew milk powder + 1 cup of water for instant, creamy, plant based goodness. Add it to coffee for an instant dairy free creamer, to your smoothies in place of your usual cartoned mylk or try meal prepping and adding it to your on-the-go oats! Check out the recipe here. 2020 was also a year of new bundles, which included an Instant Mylk Powder Bundle, which you guys couldn’t get enough of!

We had another successful holiday season with a new addition to our limited edition latte line, Red Velvet. Initially introduced as a limited edition Valentine’s Day blend, we couldn’t help but bring it back for the holidays along with our Holiday Spice and Mint Chocolate lattes.

organic traditions limited edition holiday lattes

We also introduced some holiday bundles to help you cross off everyone on your holiday list, which we’re happy to announce are here to stay! 

Here were some recipes that you couldn’t wait to make:

goji ginger dressing recipe  layered twix bars recipe

pumpkin cheesecake bars recipe nut free chocolate truffles recipe

hibiscus spritzer recipe  keto flatbread recipe

Here were our most read blog posts, which hopefully served and education and inspiration:

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From our entire Organic Traditions Family to yours, we want to wish all of our #otlifestylers a healthy and happy holiday season and a wonderful new year. 2020, it's been a slice. 2021 - we're ready for you!