Soaked Goji Berry and Syrup

    What You’ll Need:

    • Goji berries
    • Water

              Dairy Free - Refined Sugar Free 

              • Prep Time: 2 minutes
              • Soak Time: Overnight


                1. Add your goji berries to a mason jar and cover with as much water as needed, ensuring that all of the berries are well covered with about an inch of water on top.
                2. Place in the fridge overnight
                3. Your goji berries will rehydrate and expand, turning the water into a sweet syrup packed with antioxidants. 
                4. Use your soaked goji berries on salads or in smoothies and juices.
                5. Use your goji syrup as the base for tea or as a light sweetener in sauces, smoothies, dips and more!
                Soaked Goji Berry and Syrup

                Soaked Goji Berry and Syrup